I am a Translator and a Teacher.

I am a native speaker dutch and german
5 years expirience in translation and teaching speech therapist(BA diploma).


I write for you your texts of your choice, translate all kinds of texts and articles, write your articles according to your wishes and requirements. I am also recognized as a German teacher

Can speech therapy benefit your child?

It is crucial for a child with a lack of verbal communication to be provided with ongoing language support and therapy

You can improve communication skills with me

Being able to communicate with your child is extremely important. It is here where they learn the important skills like social interaction and the ability to make choices. Speech pathologists have come a long way in terms of developing successful tools and strategies.

Building vocabulary gives the child more words and phrases to use, vocab games is a tool used by pathologists to make them feel more comfortable and confident with the end goal of giving them more tools for communication.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy for children aims to teach them how to coordinate their mouth and mind to accurately produce sound speech. The speech pathologists individualise each child in terms of developing unique strategies to help them experience success.

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If you have any question, Please contact with me.